The New Age Lead Management – Nurture, Score, Qualify and Convert

Do you want your sales guys to come to you and say ‘marketing is rocking! Let’s go out tonight and yes ‘drinks on me’. Don’t you want your sales guys to stand up during the business review  meeting and say ‘our marketing team is making our lives easy, as they are really helping us to sell.’ Such words are music to the ears of marketers.

How can you tune in your entire sales?

  • Providing them with ‘qualified sales ready’ leads instead of some junk data is very important, as this reduces their time in lead conversion.
  • You should always provide your sales team a lead which is qualified not just from a ideal profile point of view but should provide a lead based on his or her interest and probability of being your buyer.

How can you provide qualified leads?

  • Build your customized list segment the list matching your criteria, after proper segmentation you can import your list into your marketing automation/campaign lead management system.
  • After importing your list into the marketing automation/campaign management system, you need to design nurture programs your prospects with meaningful dialogue, engagement, good-will building, interferes/curiosity creation,  etc,
  • Pre-define score for probable activities (behavioral) and grade your prospects based on custom filer as per your choice (company fit, buyer persona ,ect.).
  • Decide a  qualification threshold combining activities (score) and profile (grade).
  • After qualifying put them into sales system/ salesforce automation (CRM)
  • Notify appropriate sales persons after you pass them your Marketing Qualified Lead.

Then off course you need to constantly monitor the progress of your lead. With time and learning, more of your MQLs will be accepted and pursued by sales. And might be one day one of the sales guys can utter those lovely words as given in the opening lines