Supercharge your Business Engine and Increase Data Horsepower

SMARTe-business-data-engineThese days the most commonly faced sales & qualified leads connection problem starts from:- why are Sales not able to convert the vast number of marketing qualified leads they are assigned? Could it be due to inadequate and poor quality of contact information residing in your leads database? Are they able to reach out to the prospects at all? or are they ‘chasing wild goose’? What if you could get a up-to-date & accurate contact database for achieving your desired business results.

Let’s take the analogy of cars.

If your car goes from 0-50 mph in 15 seconds, and you wish to supercharge the engine so that it can go 0-50 mph in amazing 8 seconds, what will you possibly do to accomplish this? Give your car a paint job? Install a new music system? Change the wheel rims? Tint the glass?

Obviously not! None of these will have impact on your car’s speed. Sure, you have invested time, money and energy, and the car too would look healthier, elaborated with bells and whistles.  However, your car will not run faster unless you have increased horsepower and upgraded the engine. It works just the same way for businesses. You are required to increase the ‘contact data accuracy’ horsepower and improve contact database engine to achieve the desired returns on investment for your business.

Simply being equipped with qualified leads is not enough to get high conversion, but having complete and accurate contact details of those probable prospects and customers is! Update, append and enrich your contact database, ensuring your sales team is holding 100% accurate and validated contacts to bring returns from qualified leads. Further, regular refreshes help keeping the huge contact database fresh and updated to ensure resources invested while contacting those prospects and customers are not wasted. With accurate details of targeted prospects and customers, your sales and marketing efforts will bring in desired results.

Even before you plan to implement your data refresh, you need to be aware of what and when to do so. To know the criteria to identify the right portion of data to be updated, check-out our Data Audit section to understand more.