A Sumptuous Marketing Experience – MarTech San Francisco 2017

It’s been close to a month since the latest 2017 MarTech conference in San Francisco got over. Despite our awesome experience in sponsoring and attending the event, it certainly was a hectic month or so (we also attended the Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit 2017 and planned to attend the SiriusDecisions 2017 Summit) in the US. During the event, many discussion took place which fixated on how to construe the numerous MarTech that are used nowadays. Since we were there this year, we’d like to walk you through some of our MarTech San Francisco event experience through our eyes.

The event began with the Stackies Awards, which had a fantastic in-depth sight of Marketing Technology being used in the real world by organizations today. It was priceless to study how numerous large & small organizations make use of loads of technologies – with more than 5000 solutions to select in the current market. The better applicants even showcased a foretaste into the underlying design ideas and connected architectures but it is highly unlikely that the 1000+ vendors making the platform claim actually meet the criteria of providing a foundation for other software to run on, along with demonstrating a successful track record of enticing 3rd-party software vendors to utilize their platform to build upon.

As we moved along, the event also placed more emphasis on Customer Experience which has been slightly let go with all the focus on ad technology and marketing technology. It was quite intriguing to know and brought back the stat shared by eConsultancy that 81% of consumer brands say they have a working holistic view of their customers and only 37% say their favorite retailer understands them. Then to close, we had some nice presentations from Acxiom, Amplero, etc. which wrapped up a good 3 days of learning and networking.

We as a enterprise DaaS provider ourselves, thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn about current MarTech strategies, customer experience design and data & analytics from ADAM Software’s Pieter Casneuf, SapientNitro’s Sheldon Monteiro, Spotify’s Mayur Gupta and numerous top experts and top brands which certainly stand us in good stead in the long run of understanding the Marketing Technology world.

As the day moved along, we started to network with a lot of our colleagues & peers from the industry. Some of our customers were also present there which was a nice surprise and got to know more about how our business is going along with discussing new data strategies around which they can target their business campaign ROIs around.

Post our return, we are certainly laden with a lot of follow-ups and to-dos towards the prospects who want to know more about our DaaS suite – Bespoke Contacts and Relevant Contacts, along with some who showed an interest into understanding more on the “Data Audit” service and recommended “Data Strategies” such as Old Employee Happy Customer, etc.; but that won’t take away the sumptuous experience we had at San Francisco this year. We are eagerly waiting for the next MarTech event which is held at Hynes Convention Center in Boston MA on October 2-4, 2017 to continue our strong ties with MarTech events and Third Door Media who are the organizers for these events.