Successful Competitive Displacement Campaigns

Marketing and sales teams would love to get insights about the technology stack of their prospective customers. For targeting the right prospects with relevant talking points, you need access to accurate data of your prospects.

How does Technographic Intelligence help you with competitive intelligence?

You must have heard of the term ‘Technographic Intelligence’, which includes information about the various technologies and software products used by your prospects.

The tech stack includes actionable data on direct or indirect competitors, partners/alliances, technology (product/services) which are complementary or supplementary, technology landscape of named accounts, along with, types of companies, within specific market segments, geographies.

Most of the companies face roadblocks in selling unless a specific technology is present. For instance, a salesperson won’t be able to sell data center technologies to someone who only uses AWS. You won’t be able to sell windows accessories to the company who only use Apple products.

Planning of targeted displacement campaigns: 

Using competitive intelligence, marketing can direct targeted displacement campaigns toward decision makers:

  • Challenge the effectiveness of the current competitor technology in place
  • Reach out to decision makers at the right time
  • Differentiate your offering from your competition
  • Targeted email campaign to keep your company on the top of your prospects mind

Knowing where your competition is installed creates an automatic prospect.

Bespoke Contact’s Technology Install Base uncovers companies’ technographic intelligence, verified emails by our own in-house research team.

Bespoke is a custom built platform which can help you with industry agonist technology pairings in the categories of Enterprise Applications, Hardware/OS/Systems Environment, Virtualization, Security, Networking, and many more.