Start having the sales conversations you need today with Bespoke Contacts

Start having the sales conversations you need today with Bespoke Contacts

90% of sales folks believe that ‘cold calling’ is one of the top 5 lead generation tactics they use to fill their sales pipelines. Every sales person who has attempted cold calling will tell you the pain they went through by calling over 60 numbers in a day and barely managing to get to the decision makers. Most of the times they are thrown from the switchboard to the receptionist and back again.

How can you minimize those phone-tag headaches and save that time for making more sales? The only obvious solution is to improve the connection rate by using more direct numbers for reaching out to your prospects.

Here is why you need Direct Dial numbers:

The initial benefit of having a prospect direct dial is very clear, better chances of connecting with decision makers. According to research, when dialing a direct number at the director level, reps are 46% more likely to connect. At the VP level, direct dialing makes your reps 147% more likely to connect.

All the time that you save on dialing a prospect and reaching directly to them adds up, as your sales reps become more productive overall. In fact, studies have also revealed that using direct dial numbers increase your sales productivity by 375%.

Considering that not all data vendors are the same, so some will offer more direct dial in their contact records than others. Expect most data vendors to only have accurate data with direct dial numbers for around 50% of their prospects.

Bespoke Contacts is unique 100% SLA guaranteed phone verified, accurate data delivering customized global B2B contact Data. Our combination of technology + human intelligence helps to build qualified and sales-ready data. We provide custom built double opt-in company data and customer data list with verified emails , direct dial phone numbers across 200+ countries.

Bespoke helps you to connect with your target accounts with confidence and gets the desired ROI on all your marketing and sales campaign activities.