Social web impact on B2B data revealed

Doesn’t your search for B2B data often gets you lost in the flood of information? Finding what you need is quite a task and when you do find it you are not always sure of its accuracy.

Considering the numerous data sources available online; the social web still stands as one of the most popular sources for your data search. Since social media is considered to stock up over millions of contacts and insights, these are ready and waiting to be discovered. But looking at them closely, not all of them are actionable and the details are also with incomplete and sometime irrational. A Contact’s details may not always be accurate as many prospects change their jobs or move to bigger and better roles within their company. Sometimes their social media or web form details may not be updated or complete – which could easily mean redundant and stale data residing in your marketing campaign tools. A lot of your time is spent filtering out what you don’t need – which is a common problem faced by numerous marketers globally. But what if there is a way to get past all these issues and get exactly what you need for your marketing campaigns!

Our unique DaaS platform – Relevant Contacts (RC) helps in resolving your abundant data challenges with proper thorough audit, enrich/refresh and recommends numerous ways you can approach your data refresh/maintenance cycle. RC is the easiest thing online, to build accurate B2B lists and gain high quality, context rich data on the fly! Fueled by data science, it is poised to usher in B2B on demand economy’s revolutionary ‘Data-as-a-Service’. It helps to cleanse, dedupe and normalize your data; along with delivering data in your prescribed format for imports into CRMs (like Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM, MS Dynamics, SAP, Siebel, etc.) and marketing automation platforms (like Marketo, Eloqua, SIlverPop, Act-On, Pardot, etc.), or other data marketing campaign tools.

Not only this, RC is ably supported by our exclusive world’s first unique cloud data solution – Bespoke Contacts. Teams across global locations can collaborate through Bespoke Contacts – which helps you by delivering 100% SLA guaranteed data for your highly targeted ABM Campaigns.