Digital Marketing communication, especially through E-mail is governed by country/region specific regulations or SPAM Acts. Digital marketing communications are broadly categorized into two – Individual (Business-to-consumer; B2C) and Corporate (Business-to-Business; B2B). B2C communication is covered under more stringent regulations and requires specific prior permission (opt-in) in many countries. On the other hand, B2B regulations are more unstructured and may vary to a great extent from country to country.

Specific to B2B communication – while certain countries require ‘Opt-out’ option in all marketing/commercial messages as minimum requirement; a number of countries go for prior consent (Opt-in). Additionally, a direct marketing communication is required to have a compulsory ‘opt-out’ mechanism which is easily visible/ accessible and free to execute.

At SMARTe, we apply various methods and tools to collect various types of opt-in data, as per customers’ requirements and specifications.

How we do it

SMARTe, we have experience as well as technical know-how on all types of e-mail opt-in process – from default opt-in, Email opt-out to highly qualified double opt-in process.

We utilize a number of methodologies as well as tools to achieve the objectives of opt-in requirement as specified by any particular customer.

In a nutshell:

  • We brainstorm with customer to finalize various data customization as well as suppression factors
  • Then build a highly customized database based on customer specific requirements
  • Database scrutinized by market research team – to clean-up, verify and enrich data
  • Telephone verify each contact for 100% accuracy
  • Opt-in : we use various techniques and tools to gather opt-in data on behalf of the customer
  1. Default Opt-in (Soft): Email with Unsubscribe option sent, data monitored and delivered to customer
  2. Email Opt-out (Actual): Email with Subscription Confirmation options, Opt-in collected and delivered to customer
  3. Double Opt-in (Confirmed): Permission to send email on phone, Email sent to those who gives content over phone, Interested recipients confirm email opt-in by clicking on subscription link/ opt-in box on landing page
  • SMARTe uses a number of tools/methods:
  1. Telephone based permission
  2. Online survey tools
  3. Email Delivery tools (ESPs)
  4. Landing Pages with subscription form
  5. Un-subscription/ opt-out management
  • End result : customer gets highly accurate and opt-in database – ready for marketing & sales campaigns

SMARTe Inc. is well equipped in terms of technology know-how, domain expertise as well as experience in covering database requirements across the globe. We are well versed with all the regulatory specifications and offer multiple options for our customers to choose as per their country specific as well as business specific requirements.

SMARTe plays a consultative partner role for customers and work out the best possible database strategy in collaboration with a customer. Moreover, we also advice our customers to internally check with their respective Legal departments, before undertaking any marketing & sales database initiative.

We at SMARTe work towards creating a Win-Win situation for all.