SMARTe is all over the Globe

We’ve got the world covered

As more and more companies recognize and embrace the opportunities that global markets offer, the need for high quality international contact database research has increased exponentially.

Whether you wish to focus on a single geography or require a complex, coordinated multi-country study, research into international database brings a unique set of challenges and it is vital you work with a specialist provider of contact database.

Since our foundation, the sole purpose is of building targeted, relevant and accurate B2B prospect databases, in order to help you enhance the profitability, efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing and sales data. We ensure your Sales & Marketing functions work in sync, marketing executes successful programs and feeds qualified leads into the pipeline with sales hitting with the right value propositions at the right time, thus putting more efforts in closing deals rather than pondering whom to target.

Our approach

We utilize various data collection approaches through online surveys, opt-in campaigns (through email, telephone or web forms/landing page), email sourcing & verifier tools, etc. We categorize your target audience through their geography and roles along with the target company count.

SMARTe scrutinizes your existing in-house contact data from various sources like CRM, marketing automation and other marketing tools and provide wish-list of data enrichment (new fields, verification, etc.). Collates and segregates data through proprietary web crawling technology; other data collection methods like online surveys, web research, etc.

Our data then flows through a ‘multi-layer’ validation process through our industry research experts, tele-verification and quality checks by domain experts

You will get 100% accurate and consolidated database with major data gaps filled.