SiriusDecisions Europe 2016 – A Memorable & Enriching Experience

SiriusDecisions seventh annual European Summit was held in London on Monday & Tuesday, which was attended by more than 600 Vice Presidents’, Senior Directors’, C-Level Marketers, and many of my colleagues at SMARTe over 2 days of data-driven best practices research, new innovations across the b-to-b space, and an opportunity to network with an elite community of European sales, marketing and product leaders.

Like last year, the SiriusDecisions team made sure that the event was completely satisfying for all the participants and sponsors. The conference itself is composed of general session to unveil the latest b-to-b research and insights, intimate breakout sessions with SiriusDecisions analysts on niche topics, and customer case study presentations, all focused on operationalizing our growth strategy.

Being one of the privileged sponsors, SMARTe was able to generate a lot of market traction and got the opportunity to share a lot of positive dialog with all the tomorrows sales & marketing professionals. With diverse topics ranging from Account Based Marketing (ABM) frameworks, Hyper Persona Segmentation, Ideal Customer Profile build up, data quality, data strategy, issues over their sales pipeline, data hygiene mechanism and more.

Our booth & the giveaways (an iphone stand picture above) were buzzing & shining as always with lot of visitors interested in understanding our newly launched revolutionary enterprise “data-as-a-service” (DaaS) platform – Relevant Contacts, its process and ways we solve the data challenges for our clients’ which seemed to connect with theirs as well.

All in all, it was a very satisfying experience for all of us at SMARTe, which will surely accelerate our Sales and Marketing efforts in the future. And the good thing is, we don’t stop here, coming up is the SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange event to be held on November 15-17, 2016 in Austin, Texas. If you are one of the many senior marketing or sales professionals planning to attend next month, would be glad to see you there and meet up over a cup of coffee to look at and solve your B2B leads cycle and data challenges!