SiriusDecisions 2018 – DataGenie launch experience!!

#Las #Vegas!! “Coming back to Vegas to work is like going on vacation” – Celine Dion. This is exactly what I felt when I landed in Vegas and was gearing up for my first product launch – #DataGenie at #SiriusDecisions 2018 summit.  It was a moment for which our team were been working for months to make sure we have that perfect launch. At SiriusDecisions 2018, we had the perfect gathering of 3,200 top sales and marketing professionals to showcase DataGenie – a real-time data health visualization and enrichment platform.

DataGenie provides real-time analysis and insight to your existing CRM/MAP data abnormalities and provides recommendations to make informed decisions and to further augment data to boost significant ROI.

When our teams actually displayed the working model of DataGenie, there was this most commonly used Data Cleansing (A self-explanatory one though used in various scenarios). The real confusion starts when in your conversation you throw in Data Appending and Data Enriching and the definitions of (and delineations amongst) these terms start to get significantly murkier. So I decided to lets deep dive and try to understand what’s the difference between data cleansing vs. data enriching.

We thought it’s time we actually explain what Data Cleansing actually means.

Let’s first understand What is Data Cleansing?

#Data cleansing or data cleaning is the process of identifying and correcting (or removing) corrupt or inaccurate records from a CRM or marketing automation platform. It also identifies incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate and missing information of the data and then replacing, modifying, or deleting the bad data from your CRM or marketing automation platform.

Accordingly, DataGenie does this seamlessly in real-time wherein it leverages SMARTe’s master and built-in Artificial intelligence algorithm to identify incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate and missing information of the CRM data. It helps you identify the anomalies and junk values in the data. It also covers all the important contact and company fields across lead, contact and account objects of your CRM

What is Data Enriching/Data Enrichment?

 #Data enrichment in a general term refers an effort to add value to and improve the quality of your organization’s data which means a process of enhancing, refining, and improving raw data.

DataGenie enriches your data in real time with new information and fill in the gaps. It enhances your database to your exact specifications to derive better ROI for sales and marketing. It appends your existing records with our 90 million master database. DataGenie enriches records that could not be appended, we enrich you’re with similar processes and rules we deploy to keep our master clean.

What’s the Difference Between Data Cleansing and Data Enrichment?

Data cleansing is a process to identify and remove incorrect, incomplete, duplicate and improperly formatted data. While Data enrichment is a process to enhance the quality and richness of the data and add additional information to your current records to complete data.

DataGenie classifies and addresses CRM and marketing automation technology data health with detailed visualization. We deep dive to showcase Good, Fair& Bad data status. The real time enrichment provides you with clean and more reliable data for sales and marketing to generate better ROI and drive revenue. Our data cleansing and enrichment services ensure that your records always accurate and optimized.

DataGenie Enrichment & Append are interchangeably used when it comes to people and company data. They are used to describe the process of updating existing records with most relevant and accurate information.