Your search for highly accurate global contact data stops here

The key to accurate prospecting, is insightful data. A lot of products claim to provide accurate B2B lists, and although they may seem to work on the outside, you need to take a closer look inside, to know if they are right for you.

Let’s take a look at a familiar situation. John and Stacy are busy preparing for their next marketing campaign. John is trying to reach out B2B list providers who can help him to get contacts from the gaming companies within Apparel, Food and Beverages, & Retail verticals, but most of the providers don’t provide such granular industry searches and throws up contacts from all these irrelevant industries. Now let’s take a look at Stacy, who is trying to target IT Managers, responsible for Infrastructure. Existing solutions results only exact job-titles-match limiting the reach of the targeted universe, and could contain errors.

Despite all the progress in data science, it’s unfortunate that marketers are still struggling to find reliable B2B list providers and are still stuck with these enormous problems from decades! To solve these very problems, SMARTe has created Relevant Contacts (RC) – a revolutionary enterprise “DaaS” platform, fueled by data science; built especially for next generation marketers. It is the easiest way online, to build accurate lists and gain high quality, context rich data, in real time.

So when John & Stacy are looking out for highly accurate and reliable B2B list providers, their ends at Relevant Contacts, this is what they get. John receives only those contacts belonging to the gaming segment, because of its concise industry tree that helps you search by niche industry keywords, to target multiple industries. Stacie now has the ease of simply selecting the level, function and sub function from a comprehensive list built by domain experts. So, with just 3 clicks she gets all her Relevant Contacts magically.

Besides, with the help of fuzzy logic, phonetics and language translation, Relevant Contacts identifies companies that sound and spell similar, thus providing a better overall match rate. It also goes beyond job titles to give you In-depth Company and contact details, using our data and process rules, and our email finder and validator. This combined with our robust relevancy scoring attribute gives you a thorough hyper persona segmentation. Data is refreshed frequently, based on Region, Industry and Company Size. Relevant Contacts also provides intelligent insights into your competitor’s and partner’s technology install base.

Doesn’t this raise the question about what makes RC so unique? For that we have to step out of the world of algorithms and technology, and discover the human minds at work, who constantly ideate on data patterns and validation.

This combination of data science and domain expertise, is what makes Relevant Contacts so unique. Now that you know your product inside out, you can’t go wrong in your search for highly relevant contact data and insights.