Score, Grade and Rank your prospects with SMARTe Sales Intelligence

Wondering why a few sales happen twice as fast as most others? People responsible for business development in your organization, would not you like to have the following things severed on your plate!

  • Discover “Low hanging fruits” without compromising on productive time
  • Prioritize leads within your sales pipeline and achieve superior performance in ‘lead to sale’ conversion
  • Uncover new trigger-events within targeted prospects and hit them with the right value propositions
  • Ensuring that your ‘lead funnel’ is constantly over-flowing with the most probable sales prospects
  • Preparing an impactful sales-pitch based on factual data and accurate intelligence

Now the question is:

But are you spending your valuable time and energy to sort the above things in place; instead of talking to the right prospects and closing deals for your company! Is Prospect prioritization and segmentation of your customers giving you some hard times? If yes, then SMARTe is ready to perform some ‘Genie Magic’ for you!

Let’s See How

SMARTe’s Sales Intelligence studies and segments the market for you, identifies right companies that have immediate needs for your products and services, and unleashes the buyers’ real business situation. With the help of Sales Intelligence, you can get to know what has happened or is happening to your target prospects – a move, a merger, new investments or any other event that might create a sales opportunity for you. Through trigger event research, our solution helps you discover and determine the hot buttons of your prospects, for example, why they would be on a look out for your products and services, whether they are qualified enough to buy and when should you hit them with the right business proposal.

SMARTe’s Sales Intelligence solution can identify the ‘low hanging’ opportunities through Sales Triggers, relevancy and statistical modeling. SMARTe deploys next generation ‘Focused Web Crawling Technologies‘ to compile relevant trigger event information around the globe. Our unique prospect prioritization algorithm combines predefined weightage with the quantitative insights gleaned from various sources to score target prospects. Thus, a list of Highly Targeted Prospect pool is generated through web mining, extensive marketing analytics and statistical modeling reflecting your ideal prospect profile. Now your sales team can contact these target companies on the basis of all information provided by SMARTe’s ProspectGenie on your prospects situation, and help you gain long term profitability and ROI. You will have the greatest likelihood of creating interest in their eyes because you really understand their needs than anyone else who is’ only trying to sell’.

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