Salesforce’s separation from Are you a user? has been one of the leading database provider with a winning combination of the Salesforce CRM. There are lot of customers who have been using their services but since Salesforce has announced that they will discontinue the services of, all their customers will not be able to log in to the systems post May 4th 2019.  They will also have a limitation to download 50,000 records at a time. Customers will also be no longer able to use’s clean and prospector from July 31st 2020.

So, what does this mean for customers? There will be no new addition of database which means customers will have to utilize what is currently with them. So, planning a new campaign or sales strategy will have a direct impact due to no updated records. Another challenge is the data quality as was a crowd sourced model and there were definitely challenges with quality but now as there will be no discovery of the data and no enrichment to missing information and incomplete information the data quality of the in the existing CRM will be shrinking.

What is the next step for a customer? Identify a new data partner who can not only provide a database but also who can take care of your existing database in terms of updating the records with new information and complete information. It should also be able to showcase the data health of your current database and give you a detailed analysis with understanding of each dataset where do they stand and what should be the next steps.

SMARTe an enterprise Data-As-A-Service platform provides enriched and accurate global data in real-time. Our 90+ million data spans across 43 countries delivering relevant prospect intelligence.

SMARTe Products

Bespoke Contacts – It provides you with the best quality, custom-built contact data intelligence, managed through a single portal, that helps you collaborate, automate, transactional and analytical activities all in one place. Bespoke delivers 100% accurate & SLA guaranteed customized global data

Relevant Contacts - Highly accurate and enriched data in real time, to get more qualified leads, increased engagement, and optimized conversion. We apply our own 1000+ data process rules to build a robust and accurate repository of context-rich, clean, normalized and deduped data.

DataGenie - DataGenie is a real-time data health visualization and enrichment platform. It provides real-time analysis and insight to your existing CRM/MAP data abnormalities and provides recommendations to make informed decisions and to further augment data to boost significant ROI.

Migration to SMARTe’s Data-As-A-Service platform

With our DaaS platform (used by Salesforce), the transition for users to SMARTe is effortless and time saving... SMARTe provides 90M data across 43 countries making it a truly global data player. With 12 years of data experience and 250 in- house human intelligence we have been able to build industry agnostic data and maintain clean, intelligent and actionable data.

Bespoke Contact for – A customized solution to accelerate your new prospects who resembles your best customers. A focused offering for sales team and enabling the ABM campaigns to drive focused conversation and conversions of your sales pipeline.  We can provide company level and contact level information with direct dials and verified emails. Making it sure that you always reach to right contact at right time.

Relevant Contact for – 90 M data for 43 countries across industry verticals to make your marketing teams campaign ready, demand generation leads ready and Sales teams’ opportunity ready. Reach your relevant targets and stakeholders without wasting time in doing research. We can provide verified email address and address 80+ data points across your CRM and MAP to build a targeted list.

DataGenie for – A real-time data health to know how is your current health status and know the missing, incorrect, duplicate for each data points in your CRM. The next step once you get to know the health you also need to enrich those records in real-time. DataGenie enriches your data points with updated information and does it at scheduled intervals as per yours convince. It always helps your sales, marketing and demand generation teams to have updated and latest information for contact and company’s attributes.

Now we just don’t make it easy migration from products functional and feature aspect but we will happy to take care of your contract. Talk to our sales team for more detailed information and year end contract offerings.