Rise & Rise in Importance of Social media in GEO Internet World

Rise & Rise in Importance of Social media in GEO Internet WorldSocial media may not ever have the same return on investment (ROI)
as search, but it is growing more & more in relevance, especially from a customer satisfaction and brand perception manageable point of view.

My marketer view for Social networking Business:-

Loyal customer are best for new products – so connect on some social platforms like FB, Twitee, etc.  The social engagement of your happiest customer is also visible to their friends for viral typology.

Social participation help to boost your brands – its common thing in present, you must connect with customer from various source. Respond or answer your customer query, keep them talking & give them something to talk about. Include link with customer heart to your brands, its techs.

Consumer opinions matters for Brands – one negative voice can start a ripple effect, beware from this. Communicate with them & solve problem OR give solution of question related query by consumer.

Test your profit or Loss with your Brand success – keep track of which of your post & efforts create the most buzz so you attempt to duplicate the result again in the future.

Geo-Targeting providing more relevant results: –

Brands needs sale but check consumer needs as per geo targeting analysis. The idea here is that if the site visitors is from a warmer part of country or world then promoting via social “summer type item” like sunglasses with local Boys (models) on brand page. We recommended this for make a sense for selling your brands. Obliviously the exact opposite apply for another seasonal location.

Following on with the send the trend of brands to improve online trades.