How is Relevant Contacts different from Bespoke Contacts?

After the successful launch of our real-time revolutionary platform – “Relevant Contacts” last year, many of our customers & prospects (like you) have been wondering what’s so different from our other premium platform – “Bespoke Contacts”. So, we thought of discussing on the difference between on two flagship platforms.

Firstly Let’s See What is Bespoke Contacts?

Bespoke Contacts is a distinctive platform which offers custom-built databases through a unique user interface from a single login – giving sales & marketing professionals an entry into the top quality customized data and prospect intelligence.

Whether it be an upcoming business venture, a growing business or a large enterprise looking for best quality customized data for boosting their sales & marketing efforts, Bespoke Contacts helps to meet business challenges and increases business agility, accelerates cycle times, harnesses analytics and drives revenue on your marketing data by reaching out to the ideal target audience profiles, covering more industries and geographies.

We also cater to your ABM strategies which have been adopted by companies of all sizes, including leading enterprise businesses, because it delivers very real results. As you must be knowing, ABM has the highest ROI of any B2B marketing strategy or tactic, and 60% of companies who adopt ABM see a significant increase in revenue within the first year. If implemented correctly, ABM’s intelligent, targeted approach will both increase your business’s ROI and save you dozens of hours. With Bespoke Contacts, we make sure your ABM strategies will work every time.

Hmm! Sounds interesting – so what is Relevant Contacts?

Relevant Contacts” (RC) – our new revolutionary and game changing Enterprise DaaS platform, will usher in ‘nirvana’ for the next generation marketers through highest quality global prospect discovery with intelligent insights, real time enrich/refresh, real time tech install-base, hyper persona segmentation and many more features.

Our 250+ expert team of subject matter experts, data analysts and validation experts continuously ideate data patterns, models and frameworks to deliver highest quality global data. With our robust 1000+ data/process rules, proprietary email finder/validator we identify all possible email patterns. Our consulting expertise in Data Audit/Data Strategy over last decade enables us to unravel look-alike customers, ensure data hygiene philosophy and identify low-hanging fruits.

Now that we have explained both our flagship platforms in detail, let’s get into the major strategic differences for our clients to take not of:-

Bespoke Contacts Key Points Relevant Contacts Key Points
Custom-built Double Opt-In Contact Lists with Verified Phone Numbers across 202+ countries Fully Automated Real-time Global Contact Discovery platform
Fully customized (tailor made) project brief with personas, industry & title keywords, custom fields Pre-Defined attributes to choose from
Precise custom list built in weeks Readily available lists to be downloaded
End-to-end Project Management with Analytics Robust relevancy scoring attributes
100% accuracy rate SLA Guaranteed as Phone Verified Data before Delivery Data (Phone numbers, Email Address, Social profiles) Verification through technology and random sampling
Provides Contact Discovery, Data Append Competitive/Technology Intelligence information Contact Discovery/Sanitizer/Competitive Install base with social intelligence
Dedicated research team to handle client queries Refresh your data on the go
Best for highly targeted & data driven ABM programs. Best for Mass Marketing campaigns

Well, the above should perfectly explain in itself the differences between Bespoke Contacts and Relevant Contacts as a solution. If you’re still not convinced with which one is suitable for you, feel free to reach out to us, so that we can cater to your marketing & sales data demands for increasing your campaign returns; thus resolving your data challenges – depending on your requirements.