Reasons why your Marketing Strategy must include Video

Today my B2B marketing tip features the need for video in your marketing strategy. It is said that visual memories are the stronger memories, then imagine what message a video can send to your potential customer or prospects. Video gives you a platform to present your company’s message in a way that makes your business feel more human to viewers.   

Creating video may not be an easy task, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tackle the job internally and/or under budget. Here are some useful tips that can help you through this process:

1. Keep it short: – Researchers say, 50% more people will watch a 1 minute video than a 2 minute video. So keeping your video short and to the point, will help customers to receive your message more clearly.
2. Make a video script: – You should always take some time and write out what you want to convey in your video. Make sure you gather some feedback around the script by reading it out loud to others, as reading it loud will allow you to hone your message to right length and tone.
3. Include some fun elements: – I hope you guys know that you are not launching a rocket, so why can’t you have some fun elements while you are trying to sell your vision. Show your potential customers or prospects that you have real humans working for you. Showing your human side can go long way in building trust within your audience.
4. Do not self-promote too much: – Tone of your video is very important. You need to make your potential customers or prospects feel comfortable. Tell a story instead of just pushing your viewers in the direction you want. Have them follow along instead of telling them where they need to be.

The most important thing that you as marketers need to keep in mind is that once your video is created it will not be seen by millions of people right away so it doesn’t make it a failure. View count is not the only metrics you should look at while measuring the success of your new video. To know more on metrics to track your video success STAY TUNNED!!