Re-Imagine your Contact Data needs with SMARTe

Accurate data helps increase marketing success, but it’s only part of the equation. You must also have the right data, so Sales and Marketing can focus on the leads that will drive more sales. Most of the companies spend millions of dollars to buy ‘so called quality lists’ from various providers who claim to provide clean and updated database. Add to this, millions of dollars are spent in running marketing campaigns based on the purchased list data which ultimately witnesses very low conversion rate.

To highlight on our revolutionary Data Audit service offering which fosters pioneering data hygiene philosophy across your enterprise. As a data driven marketer, you will always strive to expand sales pipeline leveraging clean database. However, your efforts and strategies are not working because of lack of quality data. You would be surprised to know the industry statistics and research findings:

  • Contact level data decays at 60% to 70% rate each year
  • More than 20% of your existing database will be obsolete each year

Add to this, it is estimated that it costs $1 to verify a record as it is entered, $10 to correct it later and $100 if nothing is done. Poor quality data will limit your sales’ opportunities and reduce your ROI. As enhancing data quality is the top priority of data driven marketers like you, optimum and robust data auditing should be way out for you towards clean data philosophy.

Here comes SMARTe’s Data Audit – Pioneering data hygiene philosophy – Data Health Check, TAM/White Space/GAP analysis, Mass Data Append!

  • Help you in understanding the hygiene of your existent contact data
  • Cover entire gamut of marketing & sales data that is stored and managed through tools like marketing automation, email marketing or CRM systems

Be it tradeshow data, inbound leads data from website, landing pages, download forms etc.