Quick snapshot of how Relevant Contacts is different than other Standard Data providers

“Relevant Contacts” (RC) – our new revolutionary and game changing Enterprise DaaS platform, will usher in ‘nirvana’ for the next generation marketers through highest quality global prospect discovery with intelligent insights, real time enrich/refresh, real time tech install-base, hyper persona segmentation and many more features. 

Our 250+ expert team of subject matter experts, data analysts and validation experts continuously ideate data patterns, models and frameworks to deliver highest quality global data. With our robust 1000+ data/process rules, proprietary email finder/validator we identify all possible email patterns. Our consulting expertise in Data Audit/Data Strategy over last decade enables us to unravel look-alike customers, ensure data hygiene philosophy and identify low-hanging fruits.

So! Wondering what’s in it for you; here are some of our USPs that should help you make a decision:

  • Ability to search as per your desired combination from our rich set of industries/level/function.
  • No waiting period; ready-to-download the file right away once you define your criteria.
  • Relevancy scoring; Hyper Persona segmentation for better Account planning.
  • Decades of Domain Expertise helping to deliver high data accuracy like no one does in our space.
  • Ontologies/ Dictionaries/ Taxonomy/ Data Rules enabling pertinent and structured data.
  • Enterprise DaaS Platform – User Management, Analytics, Procure to pay life cycle, etc. under a single login.
  • Plan out numerous Data Strategies like Old employee, Happy Customer and look-alike customer, and many more.
  • Premium Professional Service Offering which improves company/ contact match and discovery; custom product listing.