Quick rewind of Bespoke USP’s

Here is a quick recap of our world’s first cloud based custom contact data solution Bespoke Contacts; is just a login away from you. Let’s see how Bespoke is different from others. is a distinctive platform which offers custom-built databases through a unique user interface. This platform gives you an entry into the top quality customized data and prospect intelligence, manageable from a single login.

  • User experience like never before : you get premium quality customized data through our easy and interactive portal
  • Driven by you :It’s a self-service platform that allows you to manage your own data, your project without being dependent on others
  • Anytime- Anywhere data: Another advantage of this cloud based portal is that you can access your data anytime, anywhere. You will be able to download your data in customized templates directly from Bespoke Contacts. This allows users to access historical account details of past one year. Apart from viewing project brief and message board of past projects, users can also download ‘final file delivery’ via ‘excel’ icon.
  • Do what you love more: Now you can do away with time wasted on transactional activities like contract management, payment processing, project query solving and follow-ups, etc, with our portal taking care of them. Rather you can utilize this time carrying out strategic planning for your direct marketing campaigns
  • A collaborative work-space: Through collaboration you have a chance to manage your entire team’s requirements for optimum results. This feature will remove dependency on project owner as group members will have access to project related information and rights. The ‘Account’ related information and rights which will be with the Account Admin ONLY
  • Power of analytics: One login, one subscription and you get complete insight into your marketing data.