Questions To Consider Will Evaluating Your Marketing Automation Solution

Marketing Automation SolutionIf you’re considering a marketing automation solution, you’re probably familiar with the benefits: incredible productivity, targeted engagement, alignment with sales, and serious insight into what’s working—and what isn’t. But the truth is that not everyone who adopts marketing automation is thrilled with the results. According to a recent survey, 25% of companies using marketing automation say the benefits weren’t worth the investment. But that also means that 75% of companies are achieving their goals with marketing automation—in fact, many are going far beyond their own expectations.


That’s why, as you evaluate solutions for your business, you’ll want to know: Which factors make the differences between dissatisfaction and success? What do companies who succeed with marketing automation have in common? In this guide, we’ll review the commonalities between satisfied marketing automation users, and we’ll prepare you to place your company in that happy majority. We’ll give you the tools to build a framework of functionality and features, and help you identify the capabilities that will matter most to your success.


How to find a solution that satisfies?

First of all, you might be surprised to learn what doesn’t correlate to satisfaction with marketing automation. The size of training budgets, the size of your company, your company’s success measures, your project goals, according to the survey, none of those factors significantly impacted the success. Instead, the common thread among satisfied marketers was deceptively simple: these happy marketers clearly defined their goals, carefully conducted their research, and compared more than one solution. As you conduct your own evaluation follow these below given guidelines:

  1. Take your own time

The behaviors with the biggest negative impact were:

  • Taking less than a month to select a solution
  • Only examining one system

Marketers are understandably eager to get started with marketing automation, but rushing the evaluation process is an easy way to land in the “unsatisfied” group.

  1. Do your study well

What kind of programs do you plan to run? Which of your existing systems will need to be integrated and what new integrations will you be interested in adding? Is there any need to hire people or your current team can manage the solution on its own? These types of questions you’ll need to answer before you can effectively evaluate a solution.

  1. Point of focus should be Features

Features and functionality are true differentiators between one marketing automation solution and another. Be clear of which features do you exactly need and which marketing automation solutions offer them? It is recommended to create a detailed scenarios, and then review how that scenario might be handled in each solution.

  1. Plan ahead

Now that you know how you’ll use marketing automation, start mapping those processes step-by-step. The study found that the most satisfied marketers started leveraging a full range of features right away – which means they are get to go out the gate.

  1. Deploy quickly

Thanks for your initial research and planning, fast execution should be a breeze. Ask your vendor how quickly you can get started with their solution, what steps they will take to help you implement it, and what resources they have to support your onboarding. If bandwidth is an issue, you should start supplementing your staff with additional resources in the beginning. The important thing is to start delivering value from day one.

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