Power up your Data Strategy before the GDPR storm

Every single word from this blog is, about and for you — the B2B marketer. Data plays a vital role in a broad range of marketing technologies and activities, there is a lot going around data this year. For data-driven marketing this year, there are few significant trends. Your ability to harness the power of these trends could be dramatically increased with a consistent focus on data quality.

  • With changing Marketing Technologies we manage our marketing budgets and execute on our programs, yet as per the survey 41% of B2B marketers cite inconsistent data as the biggest obstacle for maximizing ROI.
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) practices are increasingly being used to identify the businesses, buying centers and decision-makers you want to establish relationships with, yet more than 75% of the files we processed lacked data on Industry, Revenue, and Employees.
  • Online advertising is growing more automated, and programmatic ad buying is rapidly evolving as a common B2B practice. 54% of B2B marketers currently buy advertising programmatically and 65% plan to increase this spend in 2016.

The marketing function is increasingly being measured on business outcomes instead of marketing metrics. This requires a focus on driving opportunity creation, building meaningful pipeline, and accelerating buyers through their journey.

Given these trends, we wanted to understand what’s on your mind (and your “to-do” list). As per some conducted research from B2B organizations large to small and across the full spectrum of industries. With 1.2B+ contact records processed through our data optimization platform alone in less than 3 years, it is clear that B2B marketers are struggling with data quality and continue to search for a solution. We urge you to use this report to identify the pitfalls you’d like to avoid and generate ideas on how to create an effective data strategy that delivers sustainable growth to your business.

SMARTe, a B2B global DaaS partner is equipped for the upcoming GDPR storm which is effective from 25th May, 2018. It is very important to understand all the essentials when you’re planning a marketing campaign. One of the primary attribute is to have accurate and relevant contact data for successful marketing campaigns. The second most vital step is to check whether you have the right tools and permissions covered for your contacts and their respective geographies. Email marketing is governed by country/region specific GDPR laws.

So hurry up and do let us know how you are gearing up for the the upcoming GDPR laws wherein SMARTe can become your GDPR compliant partner with decades of experience in handling sensitive data with deep focus on data privacy and process adherence.