Plan your data before an ABM Campaign

We all face a common problem as marketers, that most of the times companies do not have an accurate Ideal Prospect Profile (IPP), which is very essential for ABM. It is very vital to have details for your leads and target audiences regarding their Job Title, Seniority, decision making, etc.

Bespoke Contacts tides over the biggest obstacle of ABM – high-quality data. As the success of ABM campaign solely hinges on high-quality data, our revolutionary DaaS offering – Bespoke Contacts which prides itself on providing 100% accurate global custom data will show the way for scaling your ABM charter. Bespoke Contacts will make sure your ABM strategies puts emphasis on right accounts, thus accelerating deal closure rates to meet your company’s revenue and business goals.

The guess work goes on and on, like you have a VP Marketing or Marketing Manager who has being your customer before, you even have details like name and other details that comprises a statistical probability to buy, based on this information they would well have a need for your products/offerings.

But here the challenge is that you are not dealing with a statistical model, you are dealing with a person, and people’s decisions keeps changing and are influenced by more than a handful of superficial professional traits. ABM, at its essence, is the practice of marketing to key influencers within accounts of companies. So for your ABM campaign to even get off the ground, you need to remember that – despite the name – “accounts” are only half the story.

You will need to personalize everything from you sales pitches to content marketing depending on the individual you are trying to target. For running a successful ABM Campaign you require a greater level of personalization in your Sales & Marketing materials. There will always be some datasets whom you will have to be doomed to pitch generic content, no matter how many times you segment your contact list.

Your data must be human, to sell to accounts

It is sure that future cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy. But you can strive for a data much accurate as possible. Only having huge amount of data will not help, you will need quality data as well. The quality of data you will need for ABM will need to have professional and firmographic information on a granular level, which traditional data vendors may not be able to provide such quality information. You will need information that is mined through various sources like social media profiles, news releases, job portals, etc.

You need a data solution provider who can do all this for you with a regular refreshed data, or else your database can deteriorate in quality.

SMARTe is here to help you with all kinds of data needs. It is vital for marketers to understand that ABM will not be effective without ‘clean data and processes’ and here at SMARTe, we understand it better than others. We follow a simple 4 step approach which encompasses:

  • Identifying your TAM (total addressable market)
  • Reinforcing with clean data and processes methodology which ushers in better results.
  • We also help in nurturing and marketing via account based campaign which includes relevant and compelling content which helps you to reach your prospects with pin-point accuracy.
  • We also measure our approach and iterate quickly which enables our customers to monitor and close more deals.

SMARTe’s Bespoke Contacts solution will make sure your ABM strategies puts emphasis on the right accounts, thus accelerating deal closure rates to meet your companies’ revenue and business goals.