Pivotal role of Workforce Management and its data connection

40% of employees work outside their organization’s home country – highlighting today’s increasing workforce management. Workforce management (WFM) systems have evolved to include functions for time and attendance, absence management, labor budgeting, forecasting, scheduling, task management, and project management. HR professionals leverage workforce management systems to match business demand with an appropriate labor mix. Most of the Workforce Management software companies still are under soup for reaching out to Payroll Managers, Directors, CFO’s to sell their WFM software’s. Successful workforce management stems from a combination of budgeting, planning, analytics, collaboration, and rules-based scheduling solutions.

The Global Workforce Management Market is estimated to grow from USD 4,880.3 Million in 2015 to USD 7,725.8 Million by 2020 at a CAGR of 9.6%

This is where SMARTe’s unique DaaS suite, chips in by reaching out to the companies/contacts from the industries where Workforce management (WFM) is booming. This will eventually empower you to focus on improving your sales & marketing campaign efforts by helping you to build/refine your databases with up-to-date, relevant and accurate contact information for every targeted business, including generating the names of multiple decision makers/influences at each organization. This plays a vital role in enhancing customer service, driving sales, and ultimately, the overall success of the organization and ensuring streamlined pipeline to business ROI flow.

87% of organizations are revamping, restructuring or considering a redesign of their talent acquisition function

The same has been conveyed in the Data Sheet which can be accessed here – http://smarteinc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Workforce-Management.pdf

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