Permission based data winning the battle for deals

We are always captivated with the enormous amount of data available that can be used for sales and marketing purpose. Every campaign – be it sales calling their prospects or marketing shooting emails to clients and prospects, does cover a hell of data manipulation which is hard to imagine sometimes.

The days of cold calling and getting rejected are getting reduced day-by-day. No marketing campaign these days can be sent as a cold email due to various laws in place. Email marketing is strictly ruled by numerous country/region specific regulations or Spam acts. One of the major one that most will have come across is the CAN-SPAM Act which sets the rules for commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties for violations.

So how do you get consent from your entire marketable prospects pool? Well, SMARTe’s Consent solution is a nifty way to gather opt-in data for achieving 10x ROI in your business. We employ sundry methods and tools to collect several opt-in data types and information as per the clients’ criteria. Through decades of expertise in dealing with numerous data issues and challenges, SMARTe has gone beyond traditional data players by focusing more on constructive data with all information set for you to explore new horizons in your target audience market pool.
We have accumulated pertinent experience with technical proficiency on all types of email opt-in processes. Our vast experience of dealing with the varied data permissions which has ultimately helped our many of our 100+ customers reach out to their target market without being litigated for running their strategic email campaigns.

Want to know how we deal with the various permissions required under our double opt-in process? The below infographic previously posted should be able to self-explain this easily!

Reach us now to try our double opt-in data through our unique enterprise DaaS platforms to churn our high quality leads for aiding your sales and marketing efforts. Simply fill the form to send us your inquiry by clicking here and our sales reps would understand and guide you with the apt data advice.