Perks of highly accurate database

Highly accurate B2B contact database is a must in the ever growing Account Based Marketing world. We did a study of about 300 customers on the problems they face with respect to data and leads -

  • Over 55% of the lead information collected was accurate.
  • Marketing and sales teams were spending 40% of their time on identifying people and accumulating right contact information.
  • Over 30% faced a challenge to build a tracker on how many people in their CRM’s changed jobs every year.
  • Adding to that it was tough to locate 2.5 million businesses that move their location every year.

Granted that the task of owning a highly accurate database is tedious and painstaking, there is a need for aggregating information of contacts for relevant roles/titles for custom target prospects, validate contacts across target markets, on-Demand contact discovery, complete contact details like Name, Title, Phone, Email, etc. and database with global outreach.

A major task is to manage the stale, incomplete and unorganized data. An incomplete and stale database can also lead to high rate of bounce emails. Marketers often spend their valuable time in data enrichment. To have a global presence, it is vital to have a hold over global contact database, while fetching for global database one can face lingual barriers covering more companies, roles, and nations.

The need of the hour is a comprehensive lead data source, which comes with a highly accurate B2B Contact data on specifically defined criteria. Our Global Contact Discovery solution has helped Marketing teams of over 200 customers to fetch 100% SLA guaranteed pristine contacts with a combination of rare robust technologies coupled an in-house web crawler, proven methodologies, domain expertise and perceptive business ability.

Benefits of Global Contact Discovery:

  • Highly accurate 100% SLA guaranteed B2B contact database helps you in devoting more time in converting leads, rather than wasting time on fetching for the ones.
  • Target account list build with detailed company level information
  • Create an audience segment for sales and marketing campaigns with our predictive intelligence
  • Clean and actionable new database with our years of domain expertise and human-curated processes