Out of the box B2B data strategies for campaign marketing

Traditionally, most B2B organizations tend to get a bad reputation when it comes to driving their marketing campaigns. Though some are valid, most of the times it’s totally unmerited. In comparison to B2C, every B2B marketer faces  a challenge in showing its products and services in an interesting way and make it appealing to their audience.

Having said that  most marketers (like us) figure out a way to produce set-ups within the business which can lead to rousing marketing campaign content strategies for their products.

Here are Top 3 strategies which have been successfully executed with significant success by our clients.

#1 Old Employee from Happy Customer

Has it happened with you that your point of contact from an existing client’s company, moved on to a different company? All that good relationship you built with over the years goes away in a flash. You will either be connected with him socially, or he might let you know that he is moving onto new pastures himself. This newly found information can be applied in a short and quick pitch with a short note on wither social media, email, or phone and renew your partnership. This helps in reducing “cold” messages which you might have otherwise pitched which mostly flows through unnoticed or stays in junk, thus helping in building your sales pipeline faster.

In case you don’t have time or your contacts list is too big, don’t worry, you can approach us to target and source key data information like email id, direct phone number, company headquarters, and 80+ fields more of those old employees who were working for one of your existing happy client.

#2 Targeting Subsidiaries/Business Units

It is quite difficult to find your existing client company’s subsidiary/ business units’ relationship. Let’s take a case: – “X” is one of your existing customer company based out of the United Kingdom; and “Y” is its associate company based out of France and “Z” is the subsidiary of ‘X’ based out of United States. The most convenient and idle way for you to break the introduction barrier would be referencing “X” to “Y” and “Z”. We guarantee your campaign won’t be overlooked.

We have helped many companies in finding out companies/ associates of their existing client company (like ‘X’) and broaden their sales horizon with minimum efforts and helping them concentrate more on deal closures.

#3 Look-alike Customers

Ever thought about how you can jump in ahead of your competitors’ target planning? Every small to large organization is sure to have a list of competitors’ that they observe for strategizing their sales & marketing programs. What you’ve got to do is find these competitors from your existing customer companies. This needs thorough dedication which takes hours of research and market understanding to jot down a competitors’ list.

We have helped companies with similar cases delivering key insights on your competitive customers’ lists but also specialize in providing global contact data pertaining to your niche requirement. This helps in reaching out to similar organizations like their existing customer base.

Interested in knowing more on these and numerous strategies? That’s just what we do!! Reach out to us and we would love to share our user cases that would help you with your current marketing campaign data strategies and bring to notice the key attributes enabling better closure hit rate like never before.