Optimize your Cold Calling Database through Marketing Automation

Have you ever wondered how your marketing automation tool will work if you have a cold calling list of contacts? Would your list have any significant positive effect? Do you have any relative success by simply running your database through the automation tool? Read on to to find the answer to this. 

As you must be knowing, marketing automation is a way of automating the various marketing tasks that ideally you must follow regularly. Long before marketing automation, B2B marketers were driving their focused email campaigns which just needed 2-3 computer systems and many hands to make it work. But, it was very difficult to prepare a behavioral scoring pattern that could supplement the success of your campaigns, not did it have the cookie-based tracking approach for following the recipients’.

Now coming back to the cold calling contact list that you are supposedly having, the most important step to undertake is of checking whether those contact details are correct. That means, you need to check their profile data with fields such as their mentioned company, email address, phone number, etc. are accurate. You may also choose to opt those contacts through an opt-in campaign so that you get them opted for receiving your information. This process consists of web research & telephone verification so that you are sure of the accuracy of your in-hand contact database.

Once this is done and you get a grip on the verified contacts from your list, you can target them through direct mailing or calling in-case they have not opted-in. We have also completed a few projects where we had to take prior consent of the recipients before mailing them any promotional information. Once you are through with the opt-in list, do not directly through in a Sales pitch or a company overview to them at catches them by surprise and increase the chances of them opting out of your campaigns. Try to use content around inbound marketing like articles, seminars, newsletters, etc. that can attract the prospects for regular viewing. Always remember, content will always be the king and if you content is good, your permission-based list will stay intact.

It is very important to cleanse your in-house contacts list before devoting time and money into a marketing automation tool. A healthy contacts list will serve your marketing automation tool & your campaign rates in a much better way.