How to Nurture a Marketing Lead?

Lead nurturing is the method of structuring active relations with potential clients throughout the buying journey. Marketing Lead nurturing happens across many channels and for your messaging to be operative, you need to tell a scenario. A scenario where new leads and clients are all at separate buyer process stages. For this to happen, you have to customize your messaging and materials to best suit their requirements.

Let’s use a strategically timed story to accelerate the process of turning leads into customers:-

Rough Cut Lead:- Think as if this lead is aware of your products or service, but is not ready to purchase yet. Here you can educate the potential buyer by offering educational product/service related materials such as case studies, product brochures, eBook, blog posts articles, etc. It is found that 82% of marketers utilize video in their campaigns so as to have a positive impact on their business.

Mid-Level Lead:- Consider the next lead has made some inroads into your set criteria and displayed some purchasing behavior and content engagement. Here you can showcase your product/service related materials like buying guides. RFP templates, ROI calculators, analyst reports, etc. to persuade the potential buyer in making a positive decision. An average of 10 marketing reach outs are required towards most prospects from the stage they enter the funnel until they convert into a purchaser.

Finished Lead:- Suppose this marketing lead is very close to being added to your exclusive list of customers. You can offer marketing materials such as pricing deck, 3rd party reviews, client case studies, etc. to support the purchaser during the buyer process. A recent survey showed 78% of top marketers view purchaser engagement that represents to profits as occurring in the middle or later stages of the sales & marketing funnel.

Elements of a Good Lead Nurture Narrative

Try to craft each and every interaction to be relevant, interesting, and strong on its own towards the viewer as prospects will not view each nurture communication in any specific given order. A recent study revealed that 70% of consumers say they prefer to learn about a company through a collection of articles rather than in an advertisement. Moreover, 74% of marketers say targeted personalization also helps in increases content engagement too.

Make it Emotional

All said and done, you cannot take away the most important factor that overrides every aspect of the viral content marketing efforts which is – human nature or emotional factor. You can hardly predict or plan for a buyers’ human behavior to take over his business sense as they say

first impression is always the last impression‘.