Network Security traits binding the Data Industry

The global network security market is experiencing constant growth as a result of the growing virtualization of servers leading to adoption of newer network security solutions. Even small and medium sized businesses are now increasingly using network and security solutions. As there is an increase in complication of the IT infrastructure, more robust and comprehensive solutions will be required to ensure safety of network. Development in network technology to ensure better safety solutions is helping in the growth of the network security industry.

Majority of firms are now aware of vulnerability of data to cyber-attacks and this encourages the need for network security tools. The continuous need for large number of quality leads, prioritized prospects and constant struggle for being the first to approach respective decision makers remain distinct industry trait.

Only 38 % of global organizations claim they are prepared to handle a sophisticated cyberattack

28% of organizations claim to have a “problematic” shortage of network security skills today

This is where SMARTe’s unique DaaS suite, can help you in reaching out to the companies/contacts from network security, threat intelligence and detection, enterprise threat management, information security, cyber threat intelligence, etc.,). This will eventually empower you to focus on improving your sales & marketing campaign efforts by helping you to build/refine your databases with up-to-date, relevant and accurate contact information for every targeted business, including generating the names of multiple decision makers/influences at each organization. SMARTe’s unique and revolutionary DaaS Suite can help you in:

  • Providing global company discovery enabling you to reach diverse industries
  • Building Ideal Prospect Profiles to reach relevant contacts

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