Methods to improve your CRM data quality

Traffic laws helps us to drive or walk faster and better. Imagine the chaos without traffic laws! We wouldn’t be able to anticipate what other drivers would do. We wouldn’t know when it’s our turn to go. Your CRM is similar. It helps to avoid confusion, so sales and marketing can sell & market, without stumbling around.

But one pothole can really slow down and clog up the roads. Poor quality of data. You must have probably considered cleansing your data once or twice, but the task in overwhelming and daunting. So you can make the seemingly impossible mission of improving your CRM data quality by breaking down the process is small chunks.

These two goals can improve the quality of your CRM data:

  • Data enrichment and cleansing your existing data
  • Implement a data maintenance plan
  1. Data enrichment and cleansing your existing data –

Analyze your data to understand the current health of your CRM data, by this you can find out how many duplicate records are polluting your CRM and where your biggest problem lies. Most of the marketers underestimate the amount of duplicate records sitting in their CRM systems. Start merging duplicate records that are, without question, duplicates of each other, like Leads that have exactly the same last name and email etc. It’s difficult to do this in-house, SMARTe’s data enrichment solution can help you remove and merge duplicates.

Get rid of the stale or old records. If your business only uses phone and email to contact customers, and you have records with no valid phone number or email address, those records are obviously useless. Without a means to contact the prospect or customer, all you need to do is enrich those accounts. How many test emails do you have in your CRM? Do you really need to have them? it would be great if you get rid of such junk or irrelevant records, these records are just utilizing space.

Decide what data is missing in your system that would be relevant to your business operations, SMARTe’s real-time data enrichment platform DataGenie, classifies and addresses CRM and marketing automation technology data health with detailed visualization. We deep dive to showcase good, fair & bad data status. The real time enrichment provides you with clean and more reliable data for sales and marketing to generate better ROI and drive revenue.

  1. Implement a data maintenance plan –

Prevent dirty data entering your CRM systems. Make sure you know where is your data coming from and that data is clean. This means you need to properly format the data file prior to import, or researching your data entry sources to ensure the accuracy of your data.

You need to perform periodic data audits, because as your business changes, so does your data. It’s very important to dedicate time on frequent intervals to reevaluate your data quality. We recommend you to revisit your data quality standards at least thrice a year through Data Audit. We scrutinize and analyze the database to identify gaps, categorize as per business relevancy. We help you in understanding the hygiene of your existing contact data. Through Data Audit you can transform and govern your data.