Marketing Intelligence – Informed Business Database insights

With a big resource like the internet, collect market trends, suppliers, competitors etc., on click of a mouse.

Gathering market intelligence for objectives – market entry and market expansion of the company, client, and competitors – is the most king-sized information for new investing OR increase investment in existing firms.

Information includes products demands like buyers, from where, why etc.,

Every industry experts stay alerted for increasing completions for own products and services globally. We need a 360-degree view of a market to improve own goodwill.

By SMARTe, data, and insights are contextual making them highly actionable as marketing campaigns? Ours is an exciting way of knowing about your competitors, customers and also customers of your competitors.

Marketing Intelligence

Technographic marketing intelligence leverages SMARTe’s proprietary web crawling technology, proven research methodologies and extensive domain experience of research teams; to be able to address your specific pain areas and provide accurate and timely information.

With a source of internet, we collect information from PR, SMO like funding, acquisitions, ventures etc. improve brand value of clients with information of client’s competitors.