Why should a Marketer be keen on Data Health?

Challenges around managing gigantic Data is not new to any marketer. A marketer will always aim to have an updated and accurate data to yield optimum ROI from campaigns. You might many-a-times think, if it’s possible to keep your database updated and accurate. Have you ever tried to have an analysis of your data done? If not then this is the time to think about it.

With Bespoke Contacts we can help you scrutinize your entire existing database, to understand the hygiene of your database, and to know how much ROI you can expect from it. With Bespoke Contacts, we leverage our technology as well as domain expertise to slice-and- dice your data, and provide you meaningful insights and recommended approach for data cleaning and management. Here is what we do:


Let’s have a quick look at our approach for Data Audit

After receiving your data that needs to be refreshed, we first set up a criteria under which the data needs to be overhauled.

Step 1: –

  • Setting up your marketing database objectives required for marketing Campaigns
  • Identification of Ideal Prospect Profile (IPP), both firmographics and contact level, segmentation factors, etc.
  • Analyze the database to find out missing information, categorize data as per business needs, further segregating Good Data, Filtered Data or Bad Data


Step 2: –

After the data is analyzed based on the hygiene report, we recommend the appropriate approach for data cleansing and enrichment. Let’s have a look at how you can use Data Audit:-

  • Understand current health of your contact database
  • Identify data to be refreshed, enriched, trashed, etc.
  • Plan out future data sourcing /appending strategy as per your specific requirement
  • Pay only for clean-up of relevant data vis-à-vis entire current database

Data Audit can act as an eye-opener for the data assumptions that each marketer has on his/her data accuracy. One must opt for their Data Health Check-up atleast twice a year, to yield maximum ROI out of Marketing Strategies, Campaigns, etc.

To know more on Data Audit, please visit http://www.bespokecontacts.com/data-audit-new/

Or drop a email at marketing@smarteinc.com