Make ROI Engine hub For you – Databases Append

We recently launched our company’s new website, and only I know how much pressure is mounting on me to escalate open-rates and click-through’s. Lead form is furbished, regular mails are being blasted, social media activities have been speeded up – all for the prospects to land-up on the site and just fill out the ‘Trial Form’ with their contact details.

However, no matter how well planned the inbound marketing efforts are, they still fall short in conversions. Any guesses, why?

Well, despite of the innumerable validations and instructions mentioned on the form, it is still unlikely that you get the most accurate information for easy-sales. As a result, this form gets uploaded in the CRM and ends up contaminating the entire contact database that might have gone through some expensive cleansing and massaging a few days back. The best practice should be, clean, append and enrich the details of Lead Forms on a regular basis before uploading them on CRM and exposing it to the Sales team to work upon.

Your sales will bless you for this, trust me !

They will have the accurate contact details of the prospects and will know which ones to trash before they even want to pick up their phones and call. Before it’s too late, we need to find a trusted source and get the direct phone numbers validated and replace personal id’s into professional email addresses. This will ensure that our sales team is not wasting time in administrative work, but doing the job they are paid for.

I have learnt from my experience that just the right list of target audience does not help. The only way to maximize the Returns on my Marketing Spend is to furnish ‘right’ contact details of the ‘right’ target audience. Only a clean database ensures that our revenue engine keeps humming non-stop.