List Hygiene: Why Data Quality is Essential

SMARTe-list-hygieneIn this modern Big Data age, there will always be more information available that you can accumulate and analyze. In addition to this robust data quantity, you will also need quality. Without high quality data, its value is in jeopardy. This may lead to incorrect decisions and worse campaign ROI. Thus, it is vital to ensure you are collecting and have access to your required data.

Wherever you feel essential, try to get outside expertise to keep your data hygiene best practices. There could be various issues arising from your data such as incomplete records, duplicates, inconsistent formatting and many more. This is why, it is necessary to have a proper system that manages your data in a timely manner.

Your data quality allows you to derive the highly profitable analytics and insights that can be extracted from Big Data. The value of the data insights will only be as high as your data quality that is examined. As for the data size, the smaller the data set you are using, the bigger is the importance of data quality (List Hygiene). Let’s suppose, you are scrutinizing a big market using a comparatively small sampling of data. If that data in hand is of low quality, it can have bigger consequences and could lead you down the wrong path for your strategic campaigns.

This is the reason why it is imperative that you have a proper system that keep your data fresh and guarantees information hygiene, to unearth defects. This also certifies you to get accurate results and more meaningful insights. You need a system that can review and evaluate data quality, data integrity, and completeness so that when required, it must create business rules or gap strategies to fix your concerns.

As you know, Big Data heavily depends on a mixture of organized and unorganized data. As marketers have greater access to real-time data, they are making more and more decisions on the go. So it’s more important than ever before to have quality data residing within your system.


To conclude, try to have a strong system in place for managing your marketing data or appoint a 3rd party vendor who can cleanse your data and keep it fresh periodically. Make sure you get the quantity and quality you need to make smarter and more commercial judgements. Don’t forget – if your list is having an excellent list hygiene, it will only help to make more profitable decisions.