Know your Competitors through Market Intelligence

The Challenge of Competitors Tracking

One of the global providers of supply chain management software company wanted to conduct an exercise to discover the existing users of two of their major competitors in the North American market. Their challenges were to ascertain which companies were using competitor’s products, what specific category of products (like Warehouse Management, Workforce Management, Transport Management, ERP, etc.), any additional intelligence on competitor user-base; along with mapping of key decision makers within these companies.

SMARTe Solution

After careful understanding of the requirements, we had decided to deploy our tried and tested “SMARTe Explorer” and “Competitive Intelligence Agent (CIA)” services in mining the various sources for gathering the necessary data that helped us in solving our client’s issues. Then using our market research and voice research teams, we carried out extensive validation and de-duplication work. Once the company level information was complied, the next step was to identify relevant decision makers in these companies as per criteria provide by our client. By deploying the CIA solution to discover the client’s competitor install-base, we managed to source more than 500 companies and 2000 contacts for the North America region. These included industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverages, Healthcare, High-Tech, Logistics, etc. to name a few. Not just this, we also helped the client to build a list of top-level company contacts with roles like COO, VP Operations, VP supply chain, VP of Distribution, VP/Dir/Head of Procurement, and many more.


We were successful in delivering 100% verified competitor intelligence and contact database to be used by our client for aggressive marketing campaigns and sales pitch. With insights into competitor’s user-base, product usage landscape and decision maker profiles, our client could now design their sales &  marketing campaigns for relevant business instances like  ‘migration’, ‘Trade-in’, ‘integration’, complementary/supplementary products & services, etc.

SMARTe’s unique Marketing Intelligence offers an exciting way of knowing about your competitors, customers and also customers of your competitors. This solution leverages our proprietary technology, methodology and domain experience of Research Teams; to be able to address your specific pain areas and provide accurate and actionable information. We work with you to define the appropriate approach depending on your marketing campaigns, their size and current accuracy within your existing databases.