Key Metrics to mark success of your Video Marketing Strategy

In my previous post you read about why as a marketer you should include video marketing in your marketing strategy. As video marketing is an important aspect of your marketing strategy, their must also be an way out to track the success of your video. According to most of marketer view count is a metric to track video success, but that’s only the partial truth.

Key Metrics – Video Marketing Strategy

There are many other metrics through which you can track your new video success. Following metrics are good indicators of success:

  1. Play Rate: – This educates you if video is the right medium for your message. In case your play rate is extremely low, be sure to test the location of the video. Videos below the fold are less likely to be played than those that are visible on load. Also you must make sure that the video is of a decent size on your page. Having a smaller size could decrease the rate at which it is played.
  2. Engagement Rate: – This can help you to measure who have clicked play and how far they have watched your video. It is your creativity, it’s obvious that you will want people to watch your video and finish it, but necessarily it may not happen. Try to look at spots in your video where viewers have stopped watching – this could be a confusing or unappealing message to your viewers. You can reshoot or change your video based on your inputs received.
  3. Conversion Rate: – For videos whose purpose is to collect email address or convert leads, make sure you measure the video performance. Send a custom event to Google Analytics when the video is played and finished, so you know which interactions converted views have had with your video.

Video does not have to be the only channel for your business. Your first try doesn’t always have to be perfect, but it’s essential to remember to keep learning and changing strategies that doesn’t work for your business.

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