Invest your time in closing deals faster now

Don’t waste time enriching data when you can close more deals faster.

According to a study, 31% of reps' time is spent on sourcing, identifying and updating their accounts and contacts, and 27% on reporting, administrative, and CRM-related tasks. Only one-third of their day is actually spent selling.

Today, the seller’s world is driven by DATA. Hence the efforts to get the Sales Enablement strategy correct is the key for organization who struggle with shorter product life cycles, a more informed customer base, and competition.

Sales enablement has quickly become a mainstay of sales organizations. Data innovation has enabled organizations to get data from various sources by which there is constant flow of insightful data. This can overwhelm sales reps but with incorrect information on people who are a poor fit for their business will hit the productivity.

Today sales as a strategy has changed dramatically with sales intelligence, market intelligence, intent data, predictive data and many more. All this solution is changing the way sales and marketing is done and enabling the team with required intelligence and must-haves for any competitive business in the marketplace. To power this tools, you need accurate data which is refreshed at regular intervals along with real time enrichment, actionable, and supported by human intelligence.

SMARTe gets you the most effective data \ with a comprehensive view of your contact database. The growing need for data enrichment creates imperatives and opportunities for sales leaders. A continuous refresh and visibility ensures that data is timely actioned and accurate at the source.

We enrich sales limited glimpse of contact details into more reliable information along with insights needed to carry out the most sought after B2B sales strategy:

  • We align with your ABM strategy to get you the right target account list
  • We help in segmenting your target universe by standardizing your database with proper level/functions structure
  • We help in hitting your Ideal Prospect Profiles (IPP) within your ABM accounts
  • Enriched ABM accounts will motivate SDR’s to reach out to decision makers resulting in an exponential increase in their ROI
  • Enrichment of contact level information to identify and engage relevant buyers with your target accounts

We have worked with many of our clients who have preferred to target a specific collection of data records or key accounts for ABM campaigns and lead generation purposes. Most of our clients had challenges to process this data as there were lot of gaps and even inaccuracies in the data set

SMARTe has two distinct products Bespoke Contacts & Relevant Contacts for Data-as-a-service platform.

Bespoke Contacts provides you with the best quality, custom-built contact data intelligence, managed through a single portal, that helps you collaborate, automate, transactional and analytical activities all in one place.

Relevant Contacts fueled with Data Science, wherein next-gen marketers’ can search by niche keywords to target their exact market segment as per their criteria.

We process the data sets which are verified to ensure that the following information is up to date and sales ready -

  • Active and Inactive contacts
  • Contact Information
  • Email addresses – spelling and formatting
  • Website
  • Industry information
  • Who are the Recommenders/ Influencers /Decision Makers
  • Financial year end/Turnover/No of Employees
  • Parent accounts