Inspiring B2B Targeted Campaign Strategies you Never Knew!

Historically, B2B companies do get a bad reputation when it comes to marketing campaigns. Although some might be valid, but mostly it’s totally unmerited. In comparison to B2C, every B2B marketer faces the challenge in portraying its products and services in an exotic way and making it appealing to the recipient. Making the products and services appealing and marketing it at the same time, can be a quite a challenging task in itself.

Having said that, many marketers (like us) will figure out a way to create scenarios within their company which can lead to inspiring marketing content for their brands. Here are 4 such strategies which we have successfully implemented and had significant success over a period of time:-

  1. Old Employee from Happy Customer

Has it happened with you that – the point of contact from your existing client’s company, moved on to a different company? All that good rapport you created with him/her has gotten away just like that. Well, while it may be somewhat true, if you have a very strong relationship with the person, you either will be connected with him socially, or he might let you know that he is moving onto better prospects. Still not getting what you can do here? You just need to keep this noted and apply it once you get to know where he/she has joined up. Pitch him a short note on your preferred medium (social media, email, phone, etc.) and renew the partnership. There will not be any need of introduction and if the budget is there, you can quickly close the deal.

In case you don’t have time or your contacts list is too big, don’t worry, you can simply enlist SMARTe to target and source key data facts (email id, direct phone number, work location, etc.) of those old employees who were working for one of your existing happy client.

  1. Targeting Business Units/Subsidiaries

Is it hard to figure out your existing client company’s subsidiary/ business units’ relationship? Consider this scenario: – “Company A” is one of your existing customer based in the United States; and “Company B” is its associate company based in Sweden and “Company C” is the subsidiary of Company A based in United Kingdom. The easiest way for you to get introduced would be referencing “Company A” to “Company B” and “Company C”. It’s highly likely that your campaign won’t go unnoticed.

Sounds a tad confusing isn’t it! Worry no more, as SMARTe can help you in finding out companies/ associates of your existing client company (like Company A) and broaden your sales horizon without actually taking a lot of efforts.

  1. Look-alike Customers

Ever thought about how you can take the next step in your competitive target planning? Every mid-to-large enterprise is bound to have a list of competitors’ that they perceive for planning their marketing programs. What you have got to do is just find those competitors’ from your existing customers’. Although this sounds straight forward, this takes hours of research and market understanding to jot down a competitors’ list.

We at SMARTe not only help you to get insight on your competitive customers’ lists but also specialize in providing global contact data pertaining to your requirement; thus helping you to reach out to similar organizations like your existing customer base.


Having gone through the above few strategies, you must have observed that a lot of the times, your own corporate environment will have some of these flying around which you may have never caught on. We have listed some of them which you can snip (ahem, I mean borrow) and see how you can emanate few around your corporate circle.