Industry Based Targeting like never before!

Hard-to-find company and contact information is a vital problem for marketers who depend on trusted, comprehensive insight for their strategic marketing activities such as email campaigns, drip programs, industry benchmarking, targeted list generation, and much more.

One of the major problem statement for any company using their data for marketing purpose is the lack of robust industry coverage. It’s of now use when your target audience industry is way different to the one your product or solutions cater to. Moreover, there is a standard flat structure of industry tree which does not take into count the emerging industries such as IoT, Probiotics, etc. This hampers your campaigns by hitting very low counts from your quarterly goals. You need a product that can go beyond the standard flat structure of 140+ standard industries that can suffice your on demand target market needs.

Through our revolutionary and game changing DaaS platform – Relevant Contacts, we have addressed many of our clients’ data industry tagging issues which has made them target their prospects in a much simplified and systematic way. Relevant Contacts (RC) is a unique cloud based platform wherein marketers’ can search and download by niche keywords to target their exact market segment as per their criteria. It aspires to make contact data management hassle free through our unique features. Our new revolutionary and game changing Enterprise DaaS platform, will usher in ‘nirvana’ for the next generation marketers through highest quality global prospect discovery with intelligent insights, real time enrich/refresh, real time tech install-base, hyper persona segmentation and many more features.

Our 300+ expert team of subject matter experts, data analysts and validation experts continuously ideate data patterns, models and frameworks to deliver highest quality global data. With our robust 1000+ data/process rules, proprietary email finder/validator, we identify all possible email patterns based on the company email traits. Our consulting expertise in Data Audit/Data Strategy over last decade enables us to unravel look-alike customers, ensure data hygiene philosophy and identify low-hanging fruits.

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