Industry agnostic

As a company our mission is focused to facilitate Sales & Marketing Effectiveness, our Solutions are ‘Industry Agnostic’; having already serving customers from 70+ industries. But from our years of experience in Databases Marketing and extracting Actionable Intelligence; SMARTe has built-up domain expertise in a number of dynamic industries databases.

Challenges and objectives keeps changing from industry to industry, throughout our journey of SMARTe we have witnessed certain specific traits within the industries we specialize in and some of them are:

  1. Executives change jobs and roles frequently
  2. These industries use more data/intelligence for marketing and sales efforts:
  3. Early adopters of marketing technologies like Marketing Automation, CRM, Campaign Management, Web Analytics, etc.
  4. Use varied combination of marketing channels including Events, Branding, Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.
  5. Representing ever-changing and fiercely competitive markets, our customers from these industries need to be updated about market trends, emerging technologies, Descriptive technologies.
  6. Have diverse type of target audience including B2B organizations, Service Providers/Carriers, OEMs, Data centers, Partners, Suppliers, etc.

Few of the industries that we specialize in are:

  • Software: All kind of companies belonging from the Software industry face similar challenges in managing their sales & marketing data and intelligence. Usually, a lot of valid and accurate information
  • Networking: The networking & security industry needs to stay ahead of target universe. It is very important for them to understand if an established technology is on the cusp of being overtaken by new technology.
  • Business Services: To generate higher ROI through their sales & marketing campaigns, companies need valid and relevant contact information.
  • Telecom: Their target audience is widespread ranging right from B2B organization to Services providers to OEMs to Data centers.
  • Financial Services: It’s been found that lot of people from the investment organizations are not frequently updating their information on web platform.