Improve your Lead Database quality with SMARTe Sanitizer

Let’s face it—your lead database is dirty and full of holes. It contains duplicate records, incomplete addresses, and limited segmentation. This poor data makes it difficult to create targeted campaigns and engage your users, which ultimately limits what you can achieve with your marketing automation tool. We at SMARTe through our Sanitizer solution can make a significant and rapid improvements in your data to keep it clean with our combine technologies.

SMARTe’s Sanitizer is all about cleaning and enriching your contact data to smoothen your sales and marketing process. Our Data Append Services can help you in various ways like we can enrich your event database, verify refresh and augment your inbound leads and can also help you with cleansing/ enhancement of existing sales & marketing data.

  • Data Standardization: do away hassles of multiple data formats
  • Fill gaps in data: more insight into your target universe
  • Enrich data: adding additional fields as per requirement
  • Verify and clean-up contact database

Sanitizer comes along with three customized services;

Inbound Lead Append

Incoming leads from websites, social media, blogs, e-newsletters, e-books or downloads are like gold dust for any organization. But such leads might not be accurate all the time. Now when your sales team contacts those leads, they may find, that all given information by the lead may not be accurate or may not match your criteria.

CRM Data Append

Are you confident about your CRM data and other sales and marketing tools contains quality information? Not sure! How long it has been that you haven’t cleaned up your CRM data? Managing data quality on ongoing basis is surely a task, you might face challenges while managing those.

Trade Show data Append

Thinking about what will you do with the attendee list provided by trade show organizers? Generally, your event organizers will most probably provide you with past attendee list prior to the event. This given list might help you with analyzing the type of audience you can expect on your booth at the event.