Importance of Qualified Leads in Sales

To successfully make deals, you need to have qualified leads. Lead generation is the demonstration of creating interest in product and services among a target market. In the event that you need your message heard through more than one channel, it’s critical to strategy that makes some interest, which is the thing that lead generation strives to do. It’s about image mindfulness, pulling down leads and making deals.

Are you wondering what a  qualified lead is all about? The answer is very simple –  a qualified lead is a potential customer who shows clear interest in your company’s product or service. To concentrate on attracting qualified leads with clever marketing strategies is something that every marketing personnel should know. For a lead to be qualified every promotion that your company does should be like a spoon feeding to your sales personnel.

Being Social – spotting and engaging a lead in the social environment:

In modern era – predominantly over the last two years – social media has become almost 100% mandatory for any businesses that are serious about their brands. Sharing, Tweeting, Digging – it’s not so easy to keep up with the latest trends of social media. Listening is as important a factor as publishing your content as well as engaging.

In my opinion – the quality of the leads has taken a back seat to getting as much exposure as possible, in the shortest amount of time. Social Media is just like a free exposure but at time of evaluation how much time you spent on responding to contact will never lead to a sale. A “like” on your social page will increase your company visibility but probably might not increase your sale.

So it’s very clever strategy to run a campaign or a promotion through your digital and social channels, while doing the same you should always make sure that the price of your campaign or promotion should be related to your industry to avoid attracting wrong or irrelevant business leads.

What is a good start for a good lead?

For a good sales lead you need a good database. “Databases Are Worth Their Weight In Gold”, if your sales team has good database it will always act like an asset for you, even though sometimes you might think that it’s a sales personnel or a marketing stunt which converts your leads from unqualified to qualified but in real sense it’s all that a good database does. Many-a-times, your sales and marketing personnel spend maximum time on compiling qualified contacts. The time spent on the sourcing minimizes the effort of lead conversion. Each company has its own target market and its own lead profile, concentrating on those targets will get them half way towards their leads.

  • For example, if you are selling office supplies,  specifically targeting VP-Administration or VP-Procurement is better than reaching out to a generic target group like ‘VP and above’.
  • Here one also needs to decide certain strategies like ‘Top-down’ or ‘Bottoms-up’ approach,  ‘Boss or Secretary first’, etc. These approaches work differently for different industries and to some extent in Geographies.
  • So your Sales and Marketing Database should be complemented by such insight for better ROI on campaigns. Proper target profiling also speed up the BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline’) assessment of your target audience.
  • Attracting qualified leads with clever marketing strategies is something that every marketing personnel should know.

Now you can use this data for Engaging, Scoring and Qualifying – before passing onto your Sales team for the ‘conversion’.

Here I end with a hope of giving you something that you can consider.