Importance of Audience profiling at your participating events

Events/ Tradeshows are still a very popular and effective model of marketing and every year numerous events are organized throughout the globe in almost every industry. Some of the events have become a permanent fixture of professional calendar of attendees, sponsors and exhibitors. Ever wonder why a particular event is more popular or one exhibitor is successful in driving more booth traffic/meaningful interactions than another. Marketing of course! But there is something which is the 1st step towards designing a marketing plan for your events – knowing the target audience. Correct understanding on past and current attendee profiles help you narrow down on marketing action items for an event.

SMARTe offers a special solution called AIA (Audience Intelligence Agent). This solution provides information of the event attendees with their contact information, thus giving a complete profile of target audience. This can help the client in approaching the invitees.

For any event to be a successful one, it’s very necessary to have a landscape about your competitors’ events or any other events in the industry. This way you can profile the right audience to reach out to market your own event

Why profiling ideal attendee for your event important?

  • You don’t have to ‘start from the scratch’ or educate about events as a part of marketing strategy to your audience, as they already have done that
  • Past attendees of industry events are likely to be better qualified prospect for your exhibitors and sponsors – enhancing chances of ROI from your events to all stakeholders
  • You can even shortlist and reach out to ‘Thought Leaders’ from past events; for speaking assignments in your event
  • Event research will also help in designing the appropriate agenda and event format (Tradeshow, Seminars, Roadshow, etc.)