Impact of Data strategies on changing role of CMO

Over the last decade, the most interesting change in the B2B world perhaps has been the evolution of the marketing function and role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

As per the report published in 2018, B2B CMO’s have had to adopt data-driven strategies. The shift from mass marketing to highly targeted client outreach and interaction, the rise of online aggregators and the mounting importance of direct distribution channels have all upped the demands on marketing leaders. Additionally, with the growing ability to dig deep and scrutinize data to drive costs and ROI management, the marketing function now has a much stronger impact on operational performance.

One of the most important roles the CMO steps into is that of a data miner. Understanding the data regency of the humongous in-house data residing on his team’s CRM/MAP tools along with client data insights needs to go hand-in-hand when focusing on the prospective target market. Thus, CMOs can’t only be concerned with the breadth of data, but also need to stress on the data quality. Whatever the type of data, it’s up to the CMO to strategize on how to best gather and mine that data to produce usable insights. Superior data makes for superior decision-making, so it starts at the ground level for most successful CMOs. Armed with data and analytics, CMOs must now transition from miner to refiner.

According to the Harvard Business Review, “30 percent of companies believe they understand their customers’ needs well enough to identify what initiatives will drive growth.”

That leaves 70 percent of CMOs with the data, but not the actual insights to create a clearer picture of buyer activity. Even the most sophisticated intelligence on the planet is useless if the CMO can’t then develop an analysis strategy that extracts the most important insights from the information. It’s true that CEOs can help create an Ideal Customer Profile, but it’s the CMO who knows the most about clients and their experiences. By leveraging data with a CMO’s natural understanding of human behavior, he or she plays a vital role in enhancing customer service, driving sales, and ultimately, the overall success of the organization and ensuring streamlined business ROI flow.

SMARTe as data provider has designed unique marketing strategies to enable CMO’s with their marketing endeavors.

  • We identify and fill gaps in a company’s data to better understand their existing customers and gain visibility into prospects that have not yet meaningfully interacted yet
  • We do data enrich the existing data by cleansing, appending, and deduping it. When cleansing data, ensure that data elements are consistent
  • We help by beginning to prioritize data by driving a culture of data hygiene and management that builds the foundation for data-driven marketing.

We ensure that the data they use and store is high quality, our data audit helps sources to determine which have issues with quality, and then set the best courses of action to resolve those issues and eliminate data gaps

With this combination of global database and larger industry segments coverage along with efficient delivery by our strong 250+ human + technology methodology, we elevate customers marketing efforts.

SMARTe works as a true agile Data-as-a-Service partner to provide ‘high-quality global contact data’ fueled by data science for all the ABM related marketing activities. We accelerate the buyer journey using Artificial Intelligence and NLP technologies in combination with decades of domain expertise delivering highly relevant and most accurate prospect data.

The most important aspect of marketing is CRM and MAP and data gap and incompleteness is one of the challenges for CMO and marketing teams. The outdated and incomplete data can hamper the productivity of all your campaigns.  SMARTe’s DataGenie with its real-time enrichment helps CMO’s to get closer to targeted ABM companies by automating updated valuable company information and contact data in your database. DataGenie’s automation of data refreshes updates your data with greater accuracy for your customer and prospects.

We help CMO’s translate marketing strategies into insightful and intelligent data by helping successful campaigns by enriching and refreshing the data felids and empowering more effective conversion rates from prospects to opportunities to sales.

SMARTe Data Management Solutions

We use our proprietary Data-as-a-Service platform to fuel our Data Audit, Data Sanitization, Global Contact Discovery and the Tech-Install base solutions.

Global Contact Discovery

Helps you accelerate your new prospects who resemble your best customers.

Data Audit

We slice-and-dice your data, provide you with meaningful insights and recommended approach for data cleaning and management.

Tech-Install Base

After understanding your target variables, the platform provides you with an in-depth actionable and intelligent data for your strategic campaigns.

Data Enrichment

We significantly improve your campaign ROI by enriching it with the correct data needed to improve your segmentation and lead nurturing efforts