Identify gaps and get an Intelligent database for campaigns with SMARTe

Today’s organization are facing a huge challenge with the clean database. Every organization has a gigantic data on which they run their marketing campaigns. Yet, there are several major problems with database that could be preventing marketing campaigns from reaching their full potential. Hence to run an effective campaign, you need to reach to right people database.

How does SMARTe help?

Relevant Contacts (RC) helps to build accurate lists and gain high quality, context-rich data in real time.

  • Fueled by data science, RC is poised to usher in B2B on-demand economy’s revolutionary ‘Data-as-a-Service’.
  • It helps to cleanse, dedupe and normalize your data.
  • We will identify, compile and validate the right contacts in your target audience as per your ‘given criteria.
  • Our ultimate goal is to help the marketers across the world achieve decrease in email bounce back rates, frequent enrich/refresh of their database
  • Improve hyper segmentation and drive successful marketing campaigns. 

Bespoke contacts offer a unique approach towards building 100% accurate B2B contact databases for your direct marketing campaigns.

  • Through our robust technology, domain expertise and dedicated skilled research, we have successfully built a solution that will suit the ever-growing dynamic needs of the marketing & sales professionals.
  • Bespoke Contacts helps you with enhancing and cleansing your data to have validated and accurate data.
  • We can scrub, append and enrich your contact database identifying right contacts in your target audience universe.
  • Through our tech install-base solution, you can now know your customer’s technology environment to the highest level.

SMARTe database can be very useful and often leads to highly successful campaigns.