How Video Marketing Can Be Useful For Marketers?

How video marketing can be useful for marketersVideo marketing has been rising through ranks of marketing media, waiting for its title shot. According to the research held in 2012, 76% of marketers plan to add video in their websites. In 2013, it was found that 93% of marketers were using videos somewhere in their campaigns and 70% planned to increase their spend. Year later, Marketing Profs and Content Marketing Institute found that 76% of B2B content marketers were using video, and it was highly effective for the marketers.

Now-a-days visitors are becoming smarter if you don’t have a video on your homepage then it might be the case that they are visiting link from 2008. Well jokes apart, it’s completely understood that video creation is not an easy task. How to cram a difficult, time-consuming, and expensive process like video production into your daily grind? Apart from the pains of video production can your budget accommodate all the videos you wish to have?

In video marketing, the first key success factor is speed of engagement, which is where animated videos outperform. Animated videos allow for a greater degree of emphasis. Stories can be bigger, balder, and bolder.

Four ways to use video:-

Let’s see how you should use this friendly, flexible and powerful medium to connect to your audience.

  1. Homepage explainer videos: People understand the value of the homepage explainer video, but they get hung up on what to say. This video is about your value proposition: What problem did the customer have that led them to your homepage? Can you solve it? How? What is the value to the customer of your having solved the problem? What should they do for a next step?
  1. Customized landing-page videos: This type of video parallels the homepage video, in the sense that your homepage is also a landing page. It’s just a general one—for your business, rather than for a specific campaign. When running digital marketing campaigns, you are often targeting. You are isolating a particular niche by audience (industry, job role, company size, title, etc.) or by search behavior (keywords, sites previously visited, etc.). Landing pages for those campaigns should be customized to best match the “invitation” that was sent.
  1. Videos in your content marketing: Let’s assume you are already regularly sharing interesting content with your followers. You’re demonstrating your expertise, enhancing your reputation, building trust, and expanding your follower base. All that is positive. But the world outside has changed. The pace and volume of content marketing has increased dramatically over the past couple of years while, simultaneously, the average quality has gone down.
  1. Videos in your emails: You probably already notify many of your followers, leads, and customers of new content via email. You might send a regular newsletter. The benefit of using video in emails is well proven.