How useful can video content be?

When your customer is looking for a solutions to a particular problem  and lands up on your website,  you would require a plateful of delicious content that can attract and withhold your visitors’  attention on your website? Now-a-days with dynamic technology options coming in, you have more and more ways to convey your message to your audience in an interactive manner.

Web marketers now try to increase the ‘stickiness’ of website and other web properties including social media by a mix of content, visuals, downloads, etc.s

What are your thoughts about video content, do you think you can convey your message in the same way as you can do it with written content? Yes you can you can surely do, it works more effectively than usual written content. According to a study by Zappos, 60% of customers prefer to watch video to reading text, and visitors typically spend a full 5 minutes longer on a page when video is present.

Video content can empower your sales process at every step of your selling or buying process. From my personal opinion I will never be keen on reading long and long written articles, if there are videos instead of text than it would be really great for me. Though many people still are convinced with traditional way of conveying their message to their audience, video content is now gaining its place in the content market.

With video content you can play around with your creative kills to engage your visitors, video can make your website  interesting for a visitor to spend more time on your website which might change that visitor into a prospect.