How important it is to maintain email marketing list?

Almost all companies invest their time in building their email marketing lists, well it is necessary to do so. But is it enough just to build the list; maintaining your list is also vital. That means:

  • Subscribers should be given an option to opt-in or opt-out
  • Proactively cleaning and discarding inactive subscribers

According to regulations governing commercial electronic communications in many countries, subscribers must have an option to opt-out. But most of the opt-out forms are pretty bare; undesirable actions like  asking subscribers to enter email address (not pre-populated) – and perhaps this might be another prompting reason of unsubscribing.

As a marketer one should be able to find out some ways for the subscriber to stay back instead of opting-out. Suppose you can give some frequency preferences in a friendly manner; this can help your subscribers know that you care about their needs. Managing preferences can be according to your product and services. Your subscribers may not be interested in actually opting-out, but may be they want to see you less. So providing an option during the opt-out process is of no harm!

Do you think that lot of your subscribers have opted-out emotionally? Mostly it is found that marketers believe that a significant percentage of their subscribers are inactive – they might not open the mail, not read it, or neither do they bother to unsubscribe.

Inactive subscribers shouldn’t be kept in your data warehouse for eternity and should be cleaned up periodically. This kind of email marketing list maintenance is vital for ensuring that your email marketing is engaging your relevant and active customers and prospects. So scrubbing your subscriber list should be considered as a priority in overall demand generation process. It very important to make sure that your mails lands in to the inbox of your customers and prospects.

The best way to find your active subscribers is to send an email to your subscribers that haven’t opened, clicked, shared or converted for a while. In this message you can also give an option to opt-in or opt-out. Those subscribers who do not respond for a long time can be marked as inactive subscribers.

Such tactics must be used by every marketer to cut down their opt-out list and increase their engagement.

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