Hold onto the data pulse of the deeply connected IoT ecosphere!

These days, companies are more than ever tempted to go wireless! The need for connected devices is growing and investment in this sector is flourishing. Now that household chores can be executed through devices that use Wi-Fi, IoT collects data from various locations, stores it and process it as and when required.

Wouldn’t it be just great if you had a solution which can easily and swiftly pump in real time, highly accurate contact information related to decision makers/influencers from internationally acclaimed information technology companies which use and formulate IoT technology to keep the data flowing through your sales & marketing system continuously?

This is where SMARTe’s unique DaaS suite, empowers you to focus on improving your sales & marketing campaign efforts by helping you to build/refine your databases with up-to-date, relevant and accurate contact information for every targeted business, including generating the names of multiple decision makers/influences at each organization. This plays a vital role in enhancing customer service, driving sales, and ultimately, the overall success of the organization and ensuring streamlined pipeline to business ROI flow.

SMARTe DaaS Offerings for IoT Industry

  • Bespoke Contacts – Global Technology Install-Base & Contact Discovery; 100% phone verified & SLA guaranteed; Double Opt-In – Ideal for ABM and highly targeted campaigns
  • Relevant Contacts – Real time Global Prospect discovery/enrich and Tech Install; Web verified (No Direct Numbers)-Ideal for Mass campaigns – Mass Data Append
  • Data Sanitization – Web forms, Events, Tradeshows, Conferences and CRM Data Cleansing /Validation / Enrichment
  • Data Audit – Pioneering data hygiene philosophy – Data Health Check, TAM/White Space/GAP analysis, Mass Data Append
  • Data Strategies – Help identify look-alike customers, buyers – low hanging fruit prospects

If you are interested in seeing our success stories serving clients within “IoT”, feel free to reach us at marketing@smarteinc.com