Here comes “Game Changer Enterprise DaaS Platform”

Everyone is well versed with the term “as a Service”, We’ve all heard about Software as a Service or SaaS for short, but this blog is to discuss the new kid on the block – Data as a Service (DaaS).

A company’s data is one of the most powerful assets at hand – it is also one of the most difficult to manage. But with DaaS, managing your company’s data is much easier and one less thing to worry about. This computing model makes data readily accessible through a Cloud-based platform. With the DaaS environment, a user can also access information regardless of organizational or geographical barriers.  But what really makes DaaS the best of the best?

We have noticed that a lot of challenges still slow down marketers. About 80% of today’s data is unstructured, and also decays at a very high rate. So enterprises end up benefiting from hardly 20% of what’s out there. This drives us to constantly innovate and ideate on data patterns to deal with these problems.

By harnessing Data Science and leveraging domain expertise, SMARTe brings to you Relevant Contacts – revolutionary enterprise DaaS platform designed for tomorrow’s marketer. We apply over 1000 data/process rules to build a robust and accurate repository of context-rich, clean, normalized and deduped data which can be easily searched as per your criteria and is ready-to-download. This game changing DaaS suite will enable enterprises in identifying your look alike customers, buyers and total addressable market (TAM).

“Accessing real time, highly accurate data is easy now!”

We believe that, this revolutionary enterprise DaaS platform will usher in ‘nirvana’ for the next generation marketers through highest quality global prospect discovery with intelligent insights, real time enrich/refresh, real time tech install-base, hyper persona segmentation and many more.